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White's 1630


With the first Tavern license of Belfast being granted in 1630 to the building where Whites now stands, this makes it the oldest in Belfast. The building has a great depth and history, from housing the Tavern as we know it, to a hotel and also many wine and spirit merchants. It is said that the Bateson family established the first wine and spirit store in Winecellar Entry.

White's 1868


In 1868, the establishment known as The Oyster Rooms was born. Proprietor John Walker, a fish monger and spirit merchant by trade set up shop in Winecellar Entry. Fished from the loughs of Belfast and Carlingford, he became known for his supply of quality oyster to the city.

White's 2019


Refurbished in 2019, Whites and The Oyster Rooms is located on Winecellar Entry. Named from the many wine and spirit merchants located there, dating back to 1630. Now re-born, with the history at heart, The Oyster Rooms is a place to eat, socialise and enjoy live music. Open 7 days a week, call in for Guinness how it should be!


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